Corvettes and Coffee Founder, Aj Blackmon (Middle)

Mission Statement

Over the last year, Corvettes And Coffee has been and always will be community.  

We meet every month to continue to build the bond over the love of Corvettes, American Cars, and supporting Local Business in and around our Community.  We consistently average per rally 100+ corvettes and 100's of people.  When we meet, good things happen.  

We meet new people with common interests, we start new friendships, we talk shop and cars, and bring in higher than normal revenue to local restaurants that we show up in force to.  

For 2018 we are stepping up the car event standard to bring back the American Car Scene in South Florida.  

Things like securing beautiful venues, live music, the top experts in the industry, Seminars and Live Q&A sessions, and the top businesses in the car world on site.  

We are creating a full circle system of value so that every single person who attends walks away knowing a little bit more about their car, new products out there, and new people they can trust.  

By Car Enthusiasts, For Car Enthusiasts. Always! 

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